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OPEX Round Rock is built around coaching, we believe that coaches are the leaders in the fitness community. They need to be ever vigilant in many aspects pertaining to health and wellness.

We lead by example in life to help you on your journey to define your highest purpose, then refine that journey through fitness. Let us educate and guide you to your best version of yourself. LIVE AN INSPIRED LIFE THROUGH FITNESS.

Our approach to your fitness

At OPEX Round Rock, we challenge your beliefs and help you re-think what's possible. We encourage you to embrace where you are, while engaging in growth relationships. Commit to the journey. Be resilient. Live a LARGER LIFE!


Get to know you in a consultation


Take you through an initial assessment


Test, evaluate and educate


Get your individualized plan for success

What do you get with OPEX?

With daily support from your own professional coach, we provide you with personalized workouts that will improve your strength, cardiovascular health, agility, and endurance based on your goals.

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OPEX Round Rock Experience

Experience OPEX Round Rock

OPEX Round Rock is the perfect mesh of quality training and fantastic environment. You'll immediately see and feel the difference from other gyms. We take the best of personal training, the smartest fitness program design, and the fun of the fitness gym environment and put it under one roof.

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You can always contact us, but here are some of the questions we've gotten before

  • Will I lose the community atmosphere since I am doing an individual program?

    Absolutely not! Although we all do our individual program that is built for our goals and needs, community and a positive, motivational and social atmosphere is very important to us.

  • Do I have to be an experienced fitness enthusiast to join OPEX?

    Definitely not! Many of our clients are just the opposite. Our mission is to provide education and guidance to individuals who need it, which generally tend to be the inexperienced.

  • Do you have group fitness classes at your on-site facility?

    No. We do not have group classes because we believe that everybody deserves to have their own personal program so we have coaches who design every workout specifically for you. Where we do not have group classes, we workout in the gym with a group of people so we get the best of both worlds! Your own program but the team work and fun environment of a group!

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