Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs)
19 Sep

Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs)

If you've ever worked with an OPEX Coach, you've probably heard the term Basic Lifestyle Guidelines, or "BLGs". At OPEX Columbia, we truly believe that you cannot build a reliable house on a broken foundation. You can have an aesthetically pleasing and functional home for a while, but if the foundation is faulty it will one day start to fall apart. We've all known a high-performing, genetically gifted athlete that we've wondered, "how do they eat like that, not train and still be that good???". Usually, this is the same person that all of that natural resiliency just isn't enough and they get injured, burned out or just stop performing at a high level. We are in this for the long-game. 

This is where BLGs come into play. These are our "Foundation". We take our highest performing athletes and our 60+ y/o clients through our BLG consultation and implementation. 

So what are BLGs? Check out our infographic for a quick introduction to our Basic Lifestyle Guidelines.

Want to learn more? Book a free consultation and lets build that foundation!

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